3 months in…

3 months in the skies from HKG to LAX to YVR to SFO and not one narrative or story?! This must be rectified post haste however first one must get a hold of living between time zones. Am I coming or going? Hungry or tired? USD$ or NZD$… A tip for the driver? Must catch up on zzzzzzzzzzzzz…


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Sunset over sea…


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So close, so close…

On describing myself as a weary traveller this week to a dear friend, I realised it was for the most part due to the lack of that particular kind of stimulation only encountered when you set foot on a foreign shore.

I now feel there is finally change coming – It’s so close, so close. I’ve taken to the air now for my latest career change and next week I’ll be taking my first trip to Hong Kong.

All I can think about is taking the cable car up to the gardens to see the Big Golden Buddha… and of course sampling some delicious local cuisine. If anyone has any recommendations for ‘Must Do’s’ whilst in Hong Kong, please let me know!

Stay tuned… This travel bug finally gets to fly again…

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Clouds in focus…

South Island New Zealand 192 If you ever catch yourself wondering if things will ever change, Simply raise your eyes towards the clouds as they move swiftly on their way…

See them bring form and depth to a bright blue sky.

Create shadows, rain, hail and snow.

Whether viewing from high above or admiring them from down below, clouds always put on a spectacular show.

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Urban Art Seen…



Just when I think I have surely seen all there is out on the streets… I walk down a new street or retrace old steps and uncover something that has been altered, is gone completely or is unfamiliar and new.

Street art has a way of reminding me how impermanent life is. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. Enjoying things as they are in the moment. If it is something pleasing, embrace it and except that it will change. If it is not so pleasing, understand that in time, it too will also change.

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With the passing of each day…


Day turns to night
Night fades to black

Another day has passed us by again.
Come rain, come sun, come cloud filled skies.

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Beautiful New Zealand

Well, life is always full of surprises and finding myself still living in New Zealand for almost two years now is no exception to this. I guess it was bound to happen really as I fell madly, truly, deeply under the spell of this bewitchingly beautiful country the moment I sailed in from French Polynesia in 2006. It was only a matter of time before I’d be back!

Checking our last way-point at 4 am in the morning, first officer Dave from the Seychelles disappeared down below, leaving me on the flybridge alone to marvel at the hue of light rising up from the land we were now approaching. Mind drifting off, wondering what this mysterious North Isle of New Zealand had install for us.

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New York Revisited : To observe or be observed…

Stepping onto the plane, I could hardly contain my excitement… Hearing the familiar, comforting click of the seat belt and not long after, the forward motion and lift off of flight. No delays today. I’d made it. My idea, my plan, my pipe dream, had finally come together.Β 15 hours to LA, a further 5 hours flying cross continent to the East Coast, one very trashed suitcase later and I’d arrived.

Hello New York City…

I’m back.

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Sailing Mid-Atlantic verses cycling through a city park…

A beautiful bright sunny day in Sydney today, the gentle breeze keeping me cool as I cycled around the expansive grounds of Centennial Park. What a beautiful setting, riding under the imposing outstretched branches of the native Australian trees. I do forget, and am always surprised just how beautiful Australia is when I haven’t been here for a while.

The natural habitat here is indeed unique. From the extraordinarily contoured and sweeping branches of the Port Jackson fig trees, to the beautifully textured, earthy paper bark trees, somehow actually soft and spongy to touch. You must try, next time you pass a paper bark tree, it really is a must…! Touch, see, smell and hear the sound as you peel back the bark, I wouldn’t recommend tasting though! Beyond the trees, the ponds are rich in plant and bird life, filled with water lilies, reeds, ducks, swans and the funny looking ibis.

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Bird…? What bird?

06.15 AM

Early rise again. It’s funny, you know you’re back in Oz when immediately on waking, not yet moving a muscle or opening your eyes, your ears are flooded with the distinctive sound of the early morning bird chatter.

There’s nothing quite like it!

Such unique, almost comical sounds and so loud and boisterous! Ok, ok, I hear you…!

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